Monday, July 9, 2007

Conway Skate Park at the McGee Center

If you're up here in Conway, there is a place to skate over at the new McGee Center...head west down Prince Street headed to Toad Suck Park. The McGee Center is on the left before you get to Hogan.

The park is a fenced in enclosure has a 6 foot mini ramp, a 1/4 pipe, a bank with a spine, launch ramp and rails, and a big load ramp with rails down, a high and low bench, plain fun box, and a fun box that is 2 ft. at one end and 1 ft. at the other. There's also 2 kink rails and another 7 ft box. It's open to roller bladers and skateboarders through the week...and bikes on Sunday.

It's managed by the city, and you have to wear a helmet and they lock it up at dark. It's a lot of metal it's a slick, fast ride in spots so the helmet is a good thing.

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