Sunday, July 8, 2007

How to do the backstab skateboard trick?

This is a curb lip trick. To learn this trick you should be able to boneless (or at least planting your foot on the ground while holding your board).

1: Ride towards the curb at a moderate speed.

2: Reach down with your front hand and grab the middle of your board.

3: Step off the board with your front foot and snap the tail so you should be in a madonna-ish position.

4: Hop onto the curb, bring your board up with you and plant your back truck on the curb (kinda like a 5-0, but you can let your tail touch the curb) still holding your board.

5: Hold it.

6: To get out, you can pull your board so you land in a tailstall position, or skip the tailstall position and skate away.

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