Monday, July 9, 2007

Why is Skateboarding Demonized?

With all the news about the skateboarding incident in Hot Springs...where skateboarders where deemed so offensive to the public good that officers needed to tackle and chokehold them into submission... I wonder why some folks view skateboarding as such a threat?

Apparently skateboarders need to be confined, controlled and supervised at all times lest they stray into evil.

I'd think it's just people worried about kids being kids...but other kid activities are not sanctioned so heavily. Last time I checked tossing a football or shooting hoops did not bring the looks of scorn that merely holding a skateboard can bring.

I'd think that statistics must show that violent criminals were heavily into skateboarding...but I don't see that.

So what is it?

Pieces of wood with wheels attached are scary?

What's up?

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