Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tensor Skateboard Trucks

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We did a lot of work on the new MID. Whereas the modifications of the LO were aimed at tightening and honing its basic characteristics, nearly every feature of the MID has been reworked.

LOWER KINGPIN The kingpin is much lower. We took similar steps to what we did for the LO, only everything doubled: First, we effectively shortened the kingpin; second, we dropped the “seat” of the bottom bushing on the baseplate; last, we pulled the “ring” (top-bushing seat) deeper, away from the axle.

SHARPER TURNING This was a two-step process. First, we lengthened the pivot stem, then lowered the height of the pivot cup. This allows for more of a flowing sensation into turns, lessening the emphasis on overall stability.

HEIGHTENED RESPONSE There was a slight decrease in the baseplate’s kingpin-to-pivot distance, meaning the hanger’s loop-to-axle distance was compressed as well. This livens things up a bit.

THICKER BARREL We beefed up the region around the axle: bigger radius, better grind.

MODIFIED LOOK The baseplate is cleaner than it used to be, and the region around the pivot stem (on the hanger) has more clearance with regard to the baseplate/cup.

TIGHTER FIT The fit of the hanger on the bushing was a bit “loose,” which became more noticeable as the bushings and pivot cup compressed and stretched over their natural lifespan. The new precision fit creates a more solid, accurate feel.

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